Three Premier League Clubs Chase the Next Courtois

Mile-SvilarHe is just 15 years of age and he is already attracting the attention of professional soccer clubs across Europe.

The 15 year old, from Belgium, is a goalkeeper who has been given the title of the “next Courtois” in reference to Thibaut Courtois the current Belgium national team goalkeeper and first team keeper for Chelsea in the English Premier League.

The teen has been chased by three of the biggest clubs in England – Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United.

Mile Svilar is currently playing for Anderlecht one of the giants of football in Belgium, but has attracted much interest from the three teams in England after he excelled in different youth tournaments.

According to one daily in the United Kingdom, Svilar has had a trial already with Chelsea were his countryman Courtois is currently playing. The teen has received an invitation to train with Manchester United and Arsenal.

Svilar’s father has entered the fray in an attempt to cool down any speculation after the youngster won an award as the goalkeeper of the tournament at three prestigious youth competitions of U-17 this year despite at the time being just 14.

His father, Ratko Svilar said his son had, had a trial with Chelsea and that Manchester United had made inquiries. Everyone is after him said the elder Svilar, but we currently have an agreement here in Belgium with Anderlecht, even though legally he cannot sign any contract until he turns 16 years of age.

Svilar’s father insisted that at this point, there was not any better place for his son than at Anderlecht, but when his son was 20 years old, and then they will see.

So if could be five years wait. By the time he was 20, Courtois was signed with Chelsea, loaned to Atletico Madrid and playing regularly in La Liga for the champions of the league.

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