Sami Khedira Says No to New Deal at Real Madrid

Sami KhediraCarlo Ancelotti the manager of Real Madrid said on Thursday that Angel Di Maria the Argentine winger does not want to play any longer with the club.

That is not exactly the same as with Sami Khedira the midfielder, but the German international rejected a new contract that the club offered.

Khedira a winner at the World Cup with Germany over the summer, has only a year on his current deal with Real Madrid. He has refused to sign a new deal and news of this will alert any number of the top clubs across Europe as the former midfielder with Stuttgart is strong and a key part of the success Real has enjoyed in prior seasons.

However, Luka Modric just signed a new deal with the club and the arrivals this summer of Toni Kroos and James Rodriguez might make it difficult for Khedira to hold a regular place in the starting XI for the defending Champions League Cup holders.

Ancelotti, when speaking of the situation with Khedira, said it is different that with Di Maria. Khedira has not asked to leave, he rejected an offer for a new contract, but has one year remaining .

If Khedira is to stay and play this season at Real, he will be risking being on the sideline looking in. He might not play if Ancelotti does not feel he is committed to the club. In addition, the German international might leave for nothing next season when his contract expires, but the club could likely get as much as $25 million for the talented midfielder.

Bothe Chelsea and Arsenal have been linked with the German this summer and the Gunners may hold the upper hand with three other German internationals playing on the squad.

This situation is intriguing since Khedira does not mind running his contract down and negotiating from January 1 of 2015 with every club that shows an interest.

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