MLS Miami: Team Needs Stadium Deal

MLS NewsAlexi Lalas the ESPN analyst for the Seattle Sounders and Los Angeles Galaxy MLS match on Monday had interesting information to say about the Miami MLS franchise.

The former defender on the U.S. national team explained about a discussion he and Don Garber the MLS Commissioner had about the situation with David Beckham’s Miami franchise, which is limping along toward a start date of 2017.

However, it seems to be a stretch to think Miami will be playing as a MLS squad in downtown Miami by 2017.

The main part of information Lalas had was that Garber and the MLS insist that any franchise in the MLS based in Miami needs to be housed in a downtown stadium of their own.

The league says that part of the agreement will not change and has not since the team signed the agreement in February earlier this year.

Lalas said Garber told him that MLS would not approve the Miami franchise without a stadium downtown.

However, close to six months after the MLS awarded the franchise to Beckham, which he chose to put in Miami, his group of backers, which includes Simon Fuller a business partner from Britain and Marcelo Claure a billionaire from Bolivia amongst others, has not moved any closer to securing a stadium deal in metropolitan Miami.

That has Beckham, the league and soccer in South Florida worried.

A number of locations were earmarked but then crossed off the list by politicians, the city, residents and local businesses.

Beckham’s plans for the stadium have offered many other alternatives that include creating more of a public space downtown but that was not accepted well by Carnival Cruises who consider the planned stadium as blocking plans they have for expanding Miami’s port area.

More than anything else, it seems the message Garber was giving via Lalas was intended to put a scare into local Miami politicians so they would sign a stadium deal and give them a chance to worry about millions of dollar they could cost the local economy if they fail to do so.

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