Jose Mourinho Surprised by Lampard Decision but Respects It

Jose-MourinhoChelsea manager Jose Mourinho says he did not expect to see former Blues midfielder Frank Lampard wearing a Manchester United shirt, but he respected the decision by the player.

Lampard, who is 36, left Stamford Bridger during the summer following 13 seasons with the club to join the new franchise New York City in the MLS. However, the club does not start its first MLS season until 2015.

The veteran midfielder signed a loan to play for Manchester City, who is linked to the new MLS side.

The former Blues midfielder could play against Chelsea this Sunday when the Citizens host the Blues at Etihad Stadium.

Mourinho said if the same thing happened four to five years ago, he would consider it strange. Even a couple of months ago at the time he signed with New York, I did not expect this, but it was the decision he made, it is part of life.

When Lampard left to sign with New York, Mourinho thought that was where he was going, but his decision to play is his and Mourinho says he respects it.

Lampard could start Sunday for City against his former club as manager Manuel Pellegrini attempts to overturn a poor record in the league against Mourinho.

Chelsea won the double last season during the regular season against the league champions and City has stuttered somewhat in early league play.

Mourinho said it is always good to play big teams. He said that against big teams his job is much easier as he does not have to use motivation to keep his player focus. The big teams cause that and make his life and work easier.

When asked about his two wins last season over Manchester City Mourinho said they were nothing but statistics now and belong in history. They will have nothing to do with the match this season. If the question is posed could we win like last season, of course that is possible, but could we lose, that is possible as well said the Portuguese manager.

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