Fernando Arce Jr. Chooses U.S. Over Mexico

USMNTFernando Arce Jr. has chosen the United States. Arce Jr. is a native of California and the 17-year old has pledged his allegiance to the U.S. after playing three matches for the Under-20 national team that helped the U.S. win the 2014 NTC Invitational.

Arce Jr. said that from the beginning he said whatever team called him first he would play for that team forever. The U.S. called him first and then showed a great deal of interest in him and therefore he says the national team from the U.S. will be his national team.

To most fans in Mexico, players, who are Mexican/American and involved heavily in football in Mexico from an early age, still decide on representing the U.S. over the Mexican National Team or El Tri.

Edgar Castillo and Joe Corona at one time suited up for El Tri, only to switch over to the U.S. shortly thereafter.

Then there are other players such as Michael Orozco and Jose Francisco Torres. Both played nearly their entire careers south of the border, but decided to play for the national team of the U.S.

Many fans in Mexico wanted the two to play for El Tri, however the two choose their birth nation over the heritage of their parents.

The situation with Arce Jr. is one at a whole level different from the others. The reason is quite simple, his father Fernando has represented El Tri on 47 occasions and scored 7 goals during those 47 matches.

Arce Sr. has played many matches against the U.S. in CONCACAF tournaments, World Cup qualifying matches and friendlies through the years.

With the teen midfielder at Club Tijuana having rich and deep roots with the national team in Mexico running through his veins, most would think his decision would be automatic to follow in his father’s footsteps and pick El Tri over the Stars and Stripes.

However, that was not the case. Instead of playing for the national team his father represented and the country he has lived close to his entire life, Arce Jr. opted to by for the U.S.

Surprisingly to most, his father supported his decision and is honored his son was called to play.

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