David Beckham Continues Search for Miami Stadium

beckhamDavid Beckham, who has been awarded a franchise in Miami with MLS, continues to search for a stadium. The global football icon has thus far seen the plans for a home in downtown Miami for his Major League Soccer club shelved, as much opposition was raised over his plans for the new stadium.

After having numerous locations and their accompanying plans rejected, Beckham along with his partners returned to the drawing board and not much was heard from him for a period.

However, in a recent interview the former football star wanted to clear one thing up: the MLS will be in Miami, no matter the obstacles that currently are in their way.

With the deal for getting a stadium proving to be troublesome, many still are questioning the logic behind bringing the MLS to South Florida.

Beckham moved to eliminate all speculation that the franchise would not play in Miami and suggested that more venues are currently being sorted through as Simon Fuller, Marcelo Claure and he continue with their bid to bring Miami an MLS franchise.

Beckham insisted that Miami is going to happen. There are some speed bumps we are running into, but he insisted that would not stop his goal to have the team in Miami.

His dream was to have a stadium on the waterfront in Miami, but he admits that might not happen, but they have other sites and one will work out.

Beckham also spoke about how the lack of promotion and relegation in the MLS made his plans less stressful, but he believes the league will eventually split into different divisions.

Soccer was given a shot in the arm last Friday when 73,429 fans attended the friendly between Brazil and Colombia at Sun Life Stadium. It was the largest crowd ever to attend a soccer match in Florida.

Beckham seems to be confident that all is on track to bring soccer to Miami sooner than later.

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