Clarence Seedorf Upset by Lack of Black Coaches

Clarence SeedorfClarence Seedorf the former coach at AC Milan believes it is sad there are not more black coaches in soccer.

While speaking at a conference of UEFA in Rome, the Dutchman, who was dismissed this past summer after just four months at the helm of the Rossoneri, said he felt skin color is considered covertly when looking for new managers, which is the reason most former players never try to enter the coaching ranks.

It is sad there are so few managers who are black. Of the black former players, so few have moved on to coaching.

Seedorf changed that trend just a bit when accepting the call from his former club to coach in Milan in January. His playing career ended one day at Botafogo and the next he arrived from Brazil in Italy to attempt to salvage the season for Milan.

While to some extent he succeeded, problems inside the player dressing room led to his dismissal. He was replaced by former Milan striker Filippo Inzaghi, although his contract is still valid for two more seasons with Milan and he cannot take on another position without first coming to a settlement with Milan.

Upon his return to the sidelines, he hopes he will find more respect and tolerance, not just for race but also for opponents.

An obligation that everybody shakes hands after each match is something he wants to be introduced.

Seedorf said Serie A club Fiorentina started the tradition, but then it was never continued. He thinks it should become obligatory just as it is in rugby because it changes the psychological approach.

With a method like that, Seedorf says it would ensure that defeat was accepted by everyone.

You would be required to be there for only a few extra minutes and to shake your opponents’ hands because the match ends. That would create an evolution of football and culture and it would be a learning experience for those who watch it for the first time.

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