South Africa Says No to Hosting Cup

south afircaThe search for a host nation continues for the Confederation of African Football should Morocco the host nation drop out due to the outbreak of Ebola in Africa.

The Africa Cup of Nations for 2015 is scheduled for an opening kickoff in Morocco on January 17, but the nation has asked for the tournament to be postponed because of health concerns.

The CAF has approached seven other countries, including Ghana and South Africa as possible replacements for Morocco as a host nation. However, Fikile Mbalula the sports minister for South Africa stated that his country would not host the annual tournament.

Mbalula said that it was a no-no to host the tournament as the budget cycle in the country would not allow it and it was totally impossible.

The sports minister added that the country does not have an abundance of readymade resources that can be shifted to help host the Nations Cup. He said the country would have to pass on this one.

Mbalula added that the country would share in the responsibility of fighting Ebola, as the country is not immune to the virus and must be prepared to share doctors and skills to reinforce the research in finding a vaccine.

South Africa was called upon to host the Africa Cup of Nations in 2013 as Libya the original host was amidst great civil unrest at the time.

They were also forces into hosting the tournament back in 1996 when Kenya was short of money to fund the tournament.

There have been close to 4,500 deaths from the Ebola virus, after it started to spread through most of West Africa early in 2014.
Sierra Leone had to suspend all of its football matches for an indefinite period, while the CAF banned Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea from being the host countries in any international matches.

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