Real Madrid Stars, Including Cristiano Ronaldo Undergo Doping Tests

Doping testers from UEFA stopped during a training session at Real Madrid to take blood and urine samples for a surprise round of doping tests from players including superstar Cristiano Ronaldo.

Sources at the club in Madrid told a local news agency that 10 Real players had been selected randomly and all gave blood and urine samples at the Valdebebas Real training ground Thursday prior to passing the test.

Pepe, Marcelo, Toni Kroos and Gareth Bale were amongst the other players to be asked to give samples by the testers, who had been described in Marca and AS two Madrid news agencies as vampires.

Carlo Ancelotti’s players, who will fly this weekend to Morocco to participate in the Club World Cup, were also visited by testers from UEFA in the build up to the final against Sevilla in the European Super Cup in August.

Testers from the anti-doping agency in Spain made other visits to the training ground of Barcelona earlier this week, with Argentine Lionel Messi asked to give a double sample. He appeared to complain on social media following the testing that he was singled out.

After the complaint by Messi earlier during the week, Enrique Gomez Bastida, the director of the Agenica Espanola Antidopaje told AS there was nothing about the controls that was unusual. He said that every Primera as well as Segunda Division squads were or would be undergoing the same type of testing, which followed the guidelines given to them by WADA – World Anti-Doping Agency.

Spanish clubs as well as authorities have received criticism during the past due to not seriously considering the potential issue of doping in football, especially at a trial during 2013 of Dr, Eufemiano Fuentes who testified he worked with clubs in La Liga previously.

The issue of doping is rarely discussed in Spain when it pertains to football, Of course, one of Spain’s sports heroes, cyclist Alberto Contador was caught up in a doping scandal when he was stripped of his Tour de France victory in 2010.

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