MLS: Sacramento Could Be Next Destination for Franchise

MLB Playoff PreviewSacramento could be the next place to arrive on the North American soccer map and in a big way.

According to insiders in Sacramento, the NBA Sacramento Kings’ ownership group is lining up a bid to acquire the USL PRO club located in the city and want to enter Major League Soccer.

The Sacramento Republic began its play this year and has attracted crowds that have averaged more than 13,000 in this their inaugural campaign. They sold out what used to be their home stadium three times, as over 20,000 fans wedged their way into Hughes Stadium.

The club is now playing at Booney Field. That stadium has just a capacity of 8,000. However, fans for the Republic are continuing to pour into the stadium as they have smashed the previous attendance records for the USL, which was held by Orlando City an incoming franchise in the MLS.

Those attendance figures can only point toward to one thing and that is a hot market for soccer in Sacramento.

Apparently, Chris Granger the President of the Kings has traveled this week to Seattle to meet with reps from Major League Soccer so they can discuss the possibilities of Sacramento having a club in the MLS.

The same sources said that Sacramento is keen on striking a deal to play in the MLS as quickly as possible. Kevin Johnson, the Sacramento Mayor will accompany Granger on his trip to Seattle to meet with the reps from the MLS.

Warren Smith the President of the Sacramento Republic stated on many occasions that bringing the MLS to the capital of California before 2016 was a goal he set.

If the ownership of the Kings is able to join in on this, plus the plans for a stadium that seats 20,000 downtown continue developing, it could be that Sacramento arrives in 2017 in the MLS with Atlanta and possibly prior to Miami.

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