MLS Players Anger Bayern Boss Pep Guardiola

Pep-GuardiolaMajor League Soccer enjoyed a successful match on Wednesday night when a group of league All-Stars defeated defending Bundesliga Champions Bayern Munich 2-1.

However, in a match that was billed as an exhibition, two fouls worthy of yellow cards were what almost stole the limelight.

With Pep Guardiola the manager for Bayern yelling twice at the MLS bench in the second half of Wednesday’s match, it was clear the guests were not pleased with the way the match was going.

Osvaldo Alonso’s challenge in minute 64 near the penalty area of the MLS earned him a booking with Guardiola pleading with the matches’ fourth official after attempting to speak his thoughts with Caleb Porter, the MLS manager.

Then during minute 89, Will Johnson made a sliding challenge that injured the right ankle of Bastian Schweinsteiger resulting in another yellow card for the MLS.

The fouls were quite unexpected for an exhibition match that is supposed to have little if any intensity.

Following the booking of Johnson, Guardiola and one of his assistants appealed for the official’s help.

Following the match, Guardiola, who Porter had called his idol, would not shake Porter’s hand and later claimed he did not see the manager.

Guardiola was angry that his midfielder Schweinsteiger was injured.

These exhibitions usually have unwritten rules that players pull up or hold off on hard tackles out of respect for their opponents and for the sport itself since they are known as friendlies.

For the MLS, that was not the case, as they wanted to win. Landon Donovan, who was awarded the matches’ MVP award, said the players are proud and wanted to win.

Bayern is going through their preseason and had 5 players arrive just hours prior to the match.

Porter said he could understand Guardiola’s frustration, but his group of All-Stars did not mean to do anything that would hurt the other players.

Alonso said he came to play and play hard as he can only play one way.

Bayern hopes to play next season in the same match and promises that if they are invited they will be much more prepared.

Watch out MLS, you might have angered the wrong club.

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