Head Butting Referee Earns Player 70-Match Ban

red cardA soccer player from Austria was handed a ban of 70 matches after head butting a referee.

Ismail Gunduz form SK Rum in Austria had a referee show him a yellow card during the 87th minute of a recent match versus SPG Innsbruck West. Gunduz did not agree with the referee’s decision to show him the yellow and reacted angrily towards the referee.

Gunduz claimed he had slipped and insisted that he would fight to clear his name as well as play again.

Michael Messner, his manager said the following about his player’s long ban.

We distance ourselves from the behavior exhibited by Ismail Gunduz, said Messner. He was thrown off the club effective immediately, added the manager.

The ban was handed down by the Tirol FA as the match was played in the Austrian soccer fourth tier, known as the Tirol Liga.

A spokesman for the Tirol FA, Horst Scherl said Gunduz’s ban could have gone up to 78 matches. The 70 matches is a very long ban and a harsh punishment, but the number of witnesses were about to establish that in fact the incident transpired the way in which match officials said it did.

The actions by Gunduz have made the news around the world as it brings back the memories of when Zinedine Zidane head butted an Italian opponent in the World Cup and other head butting incidents that have taken place in the sport. However, the head butting is usually player versus played and does not involve a referee, until now.

In another incident, a referee in the state of Michigan recently died after he was attacked by a player on the pitch. In addition, a player in Brazil was banned for pushing an official. The worry over the safety of officials and them not being respected properly and protected while on the pitch continues.

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