Francesco Totti Implies Bias Following Roma’s Loss to Juventus

Francesco TottiRoma captain Francesco Totti indicated he believes that the match officials in Serie A are biased towards Roma’s Sunday opponent Juventus. Totti said in the end, they always are the winner.

The veteran for Roma speaking following his side’s loss at Juve 3-2 that ended their Serie A unbeaten record, said the match came down to three important decisions and all three were wrong.

With questions marks on the three goals for the home club, two of them being from the spot, Roma’s captain said there should be a league only for Juventus because they always win not matter what happens during the match.

Totti said he and his teammates were not beaten on Sunday by Juventus. He said events like Sunday have happened for years and just continue to take place.

The 38-year old captain said he and his side can do what they want, but the club will only finish second. He had more he wanted to say, but stopped out of fear of being banned by league officials.

A penalty on Paul Pogba against Roma that was highly questionable whether it was inside or outside the penalty box is one of the three decisions Totti said was wrong.

However, the general manager for Juventus Beppe Marotta quickly fired back at Totti’s claims.

Marotta said he respects Totti and understands he is disappointed, but the captain’s comments were unacceptable.

Marotta said the calls over the years even themselves out and even though one of the penalties was dubious, it did not change the outcome of the match.

Roma’s manager Rudi Garcia said the penalty areas at Juventus were bigger than others stadiums, referring to the call Roma thinks was made outside the penalty area.

However, he said his players were to blame for not getting anything from Sunday’s match.

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