Fabio Borini Says He Could Partner Well With Mario Balotelli

Fabio BoriniFabio Borini a forward for Liverpool said he believes he would be able to forge a strong partnership with Mario Balotelli a fellow Italian.

However he admits that Anfield has a variety of different strikers that gives Brendan Rodgers the manager a number of different permutations.

Balotelli had not yet found form for Liverpool, scoring only one goal in the eight matches he has played for the Reds. Last weekend he did not play in the club’s league match versus West Brom.

Borini, who opted not to accept summer offers to move to QPR and Sunderland, has only made three appearance for Liverpool, with just one start on the season.

The young Italian, who is just 23, has shared time on the pitch with Balotelli for only 98 minutes but he is confident the two could bring out the best from each other.

Borini said the two had played well together for Italy and he found it was not just because of the common language but the two have the same idea of football as Italians and understand one another without the need to speak.

Borini said Balotelli is a player that can change a match whenever he wants and knows how tough the English Premier League is and understands that.

Borini added that he sees Balotelli being very unselfish and giving all of himself for the club.

Daniel Sturridge will return next weekend following an absence of six weeks due to a strained thigh.

Rickie Lambert the replacement for Balotelli and Borini last weekend against West Brom and the two Italians will all find it harder for playing time.

However, Borini is not fazed by that. He thinks the quartet of Liverpool strikers provides very good variety.

Borini feels the four are completely different and gives Rodgers a way to pick and choose depending upon the opposition and all four can help the club to victory.

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