Don Garber Adds Five Years to Contract with MLS

don-garber-600x338Don Garber has extended his reign as the Major League Soccer commissioner by signing a five-year extension with the league. If he completes the contract, he will have been the commissioner for 20 years.

According to inside sources, Garber, who is 56, and has served 15 years at the helm of the MLS, signed a new contract extension of five years, one that will keep him with the league through the 2018 season.

In 1999, Garber first joined MLS, with his first years filled with struggle with the league nearly folding shortly after his tenure with the league started.

However, 12 years after the MLS shrank to just 10 clubs, a stabilized league has embarked on expansion that will increase to 24 franchises within six years, with the 20th and 21st franchises starting their first league play next season.

Garber is given most of the credit for the growth in the league.

Garber said that the five-year contract extension was his first, as he had always signed for just three years. However, he feels the league is stable looking to the future and he and the league both have a long-term commitment to one another.

By the time the new deal Garber signed is completed, he will see the expansion team from Atlanta enter the league, with the Miami franchise given to David Beckham also in the works to start within that time frame.

With another expansion destination to be determined, Garber might see the number of franchises in the MLS double from the time he signed his first contract with the league 15 years ago.

However, the bigger goal, one outlined by Garber last year, is that over the upcoming 8 years, he wants the MLS to be amongst the world’s best leagues. With the new deal he just signed, Garber will be the major player in attempting to reach that goal.

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